Annie Pressman

Product Manager.
Empathetic communicator.
Solution-driven innovator.
Mother of dog.

I put my heart and soul into everything I do, whether delivering innovative solutions to users, turning a beautifully designed PSD file into a landing page, or compassionately energizing a team of designers and developers to collaboratively complete a project on time and within budget. TV production was my first love, but tech is my forever home.

Who is she?

I’m just a girl, sitting in front of a computer, asking users what problems I can solve.

Hi, and welcome! I'll get to the professional stuff soon, but let's pull back the curtain a bit first, shall we? I'm an Upstate New York native, and after years of living that Brooklyn life, I'm now happy to call Albany, NY my home. When I'm not launching new products, building roadmaps, or leading scrum ceremonies, you can usually find me at a rock show, bingeing Schitt's Creek for the millionth time, belting along to a Broadway musical soundtrack, or listening to a theme park podcast (it's a thing).

After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Film & Television, I fell into the world of tech when I turned down a PA gig at Jerry Springer for a Web Producer role at a publishing company. One of the best decisions I could have made, and for so many reasons. Who knew that my HTML and photo editing skills from my LiveJournal days would not only help me build a career in tech, but actually unleash a passion for product management and front-end development?

Product Manager icon

Product Management

I love helping people, and the Product Manager is someone who inherently helps, whether it’s internal users, external customers, or third party partners. Empathy is my superpower, and through thoughtful, transparent relationships, a keen eye for synthesizing data analytics, and a passion for user research, outreach, and communication, I architect both solutions to problems the business might not have even realized exist and opportunities to grow revenue or tap into new markets while ensuring cross-functional teams are aligned and enthusiastic about the prioritized initiative.

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Project Management

Process and timelines and teamwork, oh my! While I certainly adore blue sky creative dreaming, I also thoroughly enjoy turning chaos into structure while injecting a strong dose of teamwide excitement and motivation. Having managed teams in various environments from digital marketing, to 3D printing, to educational mobile apps for kids - frequently including distributed teams in multiple time zones - I have this process down to a science. You can trust me to take a talented and dynamic herd of kittens and turn them into an agile team of passionate and communicative collaborators who are dedicated to creating quality work within scope and under a rapid deadline.